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John Minnich, LLC is your trusted business advisor. We advise and coach business leaders on business performance and strategy.

John Minnich’s Story

As business and thought leader, John Minnich has extensive professional experience in business and academia as both practitioner and university faculty. John has helped impact the lives of 1,000+ current and emerging business leaders in addition to 100+ organizations. In 2014, he founded an advisory and consulting practice. With passions for leadership, management, and strategy, John enjoys engaging with clients on forward-thinking initiatives. Nationally, John has facilitated professional development sessions on business advisory and executive leadership including the ever-expanding roles of CFOs as true business partner for state CPA societies.

Award Winning

During John’s career, he has received numerous awards and has served in several leadership roles including C-suite. With a consistent record of proven results as business executive and financial leader, he has a history of driving organizational excellence.

Executive Advisor Office at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center

Opening offices at the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in 2022, John is strategically positioned to help his clients.

Peer Advisory and Executive Coaching with REF Indiana

As a result of his over 20 years business success including expansive network of colleagues, John was repeatedly invited to join REF Indiana in 2020 as executive forum leader before officially accepting in 2022 while he finalized other business obligations. As executive forum leader, John facilitates advisory and leadership development peer groups for small to medium sized business executives and entrepreneurs. Like-minded and driven business professionals.

Business Advisor and Coach

In 2021, John was invited and assumed a Director of Professional Development role with Oodles – Complete Advisory Solution. In this capacity, he engages with clients on forward-thinking initiatives including the Complete Advisory Solution and how firms across North America can best serve their clients through advisory services.


In 2019, he was invited to participate in a national faculty candidate search solidifying a lecturer role at Purdue University Fort Wayne – Doermer School of Business. His responsibilities to the university have included MBA strategic financial management in both graduate and undergraduate programs.

CPA and Financial Executive Background

In addition to serving 5 universities as business faculty, John led a successful career in both public accounting, providing audit and assurance services, and IT consulting during a 10-year span with 3 regional firms.

Business Leader including Financial Executives International

As business leader, roles have included CFO with oversight of financials including budgeting and forecasting, risk management, admissions, enrollment and retention, facilities, financial aid, human resources, and information technology. John has served as Financial Executives International-Fort Wayne (FEI) president including member of FEI’s national committee on governance, risk, and compliance and national mentor for financial leaders.

Professional Associations

Having accomplished the above by his early 40s, John is a member of American Institute of CPAs, Financial Executives International, Indiana CPA Society, and National Speakers Association.

Executive Expertise and Specialties

Specialties: Business and CFO advisory; business strategy, implementation, and performance

Organizational Excellence: Business Performance and Strategy

Our Values and Beliefs

Core Values



It all starts with high-level, engaging discussions as we assess your business goals. WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Future Success

We value your future success. Strategy is likened to a budget. A living and breathing process. Not to be done once and placed on a shelf. Strategy needs to be executed. This is where we help as your executive advisor. Accountability and ownership of both the strategic planning process and implementation are key.

Growth Mindset

Through a collaborative approach, we help you gauge WHERE YOU ARE NOW. Advising you to be even more successful.

Strategic and Tactile

Did we mention that we get to know you and your business? We are available and at the table when key strategic decisions are made. This is key to a successful executive advisory relationship. We are engaged for the long-term.

Strategic Vertical Alignment

Executive advisory starts with big picture, strategic conversations. A couple of days that can be spread across multiple weeks of 2-hour or half-day sessions. Implementation steps and recurring business performance assessments help you stay on course. Vertically aligning operations with strategic direction.

Executive Advisor

We believe that in the face of an ever-changing world, executives need a true business partner. Advising them on best-in-class business practices.

Business Advisor

We value cross-functional leadership. In addition to advising you as executive, we also advise and coach our clients’ key executives as they lead business teams.

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Our Executive Advisor Approach

The facilitative approach involves meetings with your business owners and key leadership. You and your team know your business better than anyone. Our role is to ask great questions and facilitate discussions as you and your team identify priorities and action steps. To get you and your team thinking in new ways for enhanced success.

And of course, we are with you every step of the way advising. Not just providing a report to you to take to your leadership meetings.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Advisor


Executive Advisory


Advising and Coaching Business Leaders on Business Performance and Strategy


What is Executive Advisory?

Specializing in strategy execution and business advisory, we partner with business leaders as your strategic executive advisor and business coach. We transform organizations through business advisory, CFO advisory, executive facilitation, and strategic planning.


Who is Executive Advisory for?

As executive advisor, we help our business owner and management team clients achieve what’s possible. Our clients are innovative, progressive, and visionary through their continuous growth mindset. Embracing innovative change, they are open to constructive feedback, committed yet balanced, authentic and visionary, and embrace open communication.

Learn more.

Business Advisor

Business Advisor


Business Advisory


Advising Business Owners and Executives Helping You Achieve Organizational Excellence


What is Business Advisory?

Through our client advisory services as active strategists, we help you leverage resources including technology and management best practices to align company goals, processes, and business units. Through a collaborative approach, we as advisors assist clients with process improvements and accountability.

Think of it as adding a chief operating officer COO with financial expertise to your team.

Learn more.

CFO Advisor

CFO Advisor


CFO Advisory


Helping Benchmark and Improve Financial Performance


What is CFO Advisory?

Interactive discussions and reviews of key areas of business including financial performance

As CFO, we enhance your executive team bringing financial executive, business administration and operations expertise.

We also advise and coach executives.

Learn more.

Executive Facilitator

Executive Facilitator


Executive Facilitation


Facilitating C-Suite Sessions and Peer Groups to Enhance Teams


What is Executive Facilitation?

Interactive discussions and reviews of key areas of business performance

Leaders are responsible for organizational clarity and vision so that teams have direction. Strategic vertical alignment and clarity is key in motivating employees to success. External assistance to facilitate groups towards this clarity transforms organizations.

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Strategic Executive Advisory

Organizational Strategist


Organizational Strategy


Assessing Performance and Recommending Solutions to Improve Processes and Outcomes


What is Business Strategy?

An inspirational and interactive strategic service for owner managed businesses


Fresh Focus and Feeling in Control

Our interactive facilitated strategic service enables you to do just this with us, in an innovative way.

You are then able to focus on the exciting implementation of your plans with fresh inspiration and with our support.


What Areas Do You Focus on for Business Strategy?

Advocates of cross-functional leadership, we collaborate with your existing team on four areas of business operations: (1) financial, (2) internal business processes, (3) customer experience, and (4) learning and growth.

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John Minnich, LLC is your trusted executive advisor and business coach. We advise business leaders on business performance and strategy.

Specializing in strategy execution and business advisory, we partner with business leaders as your strategic executive advisor and business coach. We transform organizations through business advisory, CFO advisory, executive facilitation, and strategic planning.