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Business Advisory

Advising Business Owners and Executives Helping You Achieve Organizational Excellence

CFO Advisory

Helping Benchmark and Improve Financial Performance


Executive Facilitation

Facilitating C-Suite Sessions and Peer Groups to Enhance Teams

Organizational Strategy

Assessing Performance and Recommending Solutions to Improve Processes and Outcomes

Why Business Advisory is Important to Success and Growth

Business advisory is important for several reasons, as it plays a crucial role in helping businesses make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and achieve their goals. Here are some key reasons why business advisory is important: Strategic Guidance: Business...

Business Leaders Explore and Reach Full Growth Potential through John Minnich, LLC

As featured in Northeast Indiana Innovation Center press release. John Minnich, LLC, dba, Strategic Executive Advisory, serves as a business partner to CEOs, business owners, and executive teams. He focuses on the complete business model. His years of expertise in...

INCPAS Member Case Study: Prepare Your Firm & Clients for the Future

As featured in Indiana CPA Society member case study. Businesses are experiencing a landscape of constant change and increasingly recognizing that what happened last year may not have as much relevance to decisions they’re making now. Client advisory services offer...

Measuring and Driving Business Performance

KPIs and business analytics should be a key component in your business strategy. Individual and team performance should align vertically with your organization-wide goals. Through growth mindset and continuous improvement, your culture should reflect....

Top-Line Growth

Planning for the Top-Line Growth You Need A strategy pyramid helps you illustrate vision and mission together with your team. Successful organizations vertically align business units with organization-wide strategies and goals. The pyramid provides visual...

Strategy through the Lens of Holistic and Objective-Based Information

Successful businesses leverage evidenced-based information. They link key performance measures and action to strategy. Team members see how their actions drive long-term performance, beyond short-term financial results. The outcome: Higher-levels of employee...

Business Start-Ups

An Exciting Time Starting a new business is one of the most exciting things you can do. It’s a challenging and competitive world, where only the best succeed and building a successful business is very often a long-term commitment. It takes time, together with passion,...

Strategy: Gaining Fresh Focus and Direction

Fresh Focus and Feeling in Control To feel more in control of your own destiny, it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want and how you can achieve this, in a sustainable way. It’s important to take a little time-out, to build a clear strategy and enhance your...

The Benefits to You of Re-Energizing

Focus on What's Important to You Whether building or leading a successful business, it involves a balance of long-term commitment and strategy while also managing day-to-day operations. It takes time to create or grow a valuable business, together with passion, vision...
Helping You Find Success with Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching: Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Career, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Great leaders motivate and inspire. They recognize the importance of and develop strong interpersonal skills. The higher you ascend in an organization, the more important communication skills are. As your executive coach, we know first hand. Let our executive coaching position you as a better leader.

Formulating and communicating strategies and vision, leaders lead in inspiring ways all while guiding the organization to achieve desired goals and outcomes. Executive presence, developing a brand, and building a strong professional network are also important.

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What is Executive Coaching?

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching involves development for executives, members of management, teams, and leadership. We provide positive support, feedback, and advice on an individual or group basis to improve personal effectiveness in the business setting.

What is Executive Leadership?

Effective executive leadership is the ability of those who lead or direct employees in a business to influence and guide teams.

Our Executive Coaching + Your Drive = High-Performance Leadership

As a business leader, you have relentless drive to evolve. Our diverse experiences and insights coupled with support can help you further propel your evolution.

Synergy, Vision, and Continuous Improvement

Effective leaders manage their time and resources. They know how to create synergy and provide constructive feedback. High-performing leaders set and articulate vision, both inspiring and motivating engaged teams to achieve goals. Self-aware and valuing 360-degree feedback, these leaders are always seeking to improve.

Team Building through Self-Awareness and Vertical Alignment

To achieve organizational excellence, strong leaders create synergy and vision all while maintaining self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Great leaders know how to build collaborative teams, committing to the growth of people. They learn how to establish direction, align people, and motivate and inspire.

In addition to self-aware, business leaders must know the major trends to align their vision, strategy, and execution.

Professional Aspirations

We help our clients advance towards specific professional goals. These include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization.

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How Do I Know if Executive Coaching is Right for Me?

To feel more in control of your own destiny it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want and how you can achieve this, in a sustainable way. We understand this and our aim with all our clients, is to support them in achieving this – every step of the way.

Who is Executive Coaching for?

As executive advisor and executive coach, we help our current and emerging business leader clients achieve what’s possible. Our clients are innovative, progressive, and visionary through their continuous growth mindset. Embracing innovative change, they are open to constructive feedback, committed yet balanced, authentic and visionary, and embrace open communication.


Business Advisory vs Executive Coaching vs Executive Consulting

Effective executive leadership is the ability of those who lead or direct employees in a business to influence and guide teams.

Business Advisor (client advisory) – We build and grow long-term relations with our clients. Helping you achieve what’s possible. Ongoing business advisors helping you navigate the competitive business landscape. Transforming businesses through ongoing support. Helping you turn challenges into successful opportunities.

Executive Coach – Whereas our business advisory and executive consulting focus more on your business, executive coaching emphasizes you as a business professional. We as executive coach help draw out higher levels of performance from you as the professional. Great coaches ask great questions. You do most of the talking.

Executive Consultant – As executive consultant, we consult with business owners and executives, providing professional services. Generally, the relationship is short-term in nature. The focus is typically on a specific business function or task (i.e., financial consul, information technology assistance, human resources recommendation). Clients typically onboard us as consultants to help solve a specific problem.

Self Awareness

Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability. Employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly.

See Others More Clearly

Retain your best employees by recognizing and supporting their capabilities. An executive coach has neutral and accurate perceptions of team members.

Leverage Existing Strengths: Achieve What You Want

An effective executive coach helps you get clearer about your goals and dreams including what you’re capable of doing to achieve them. Having an effective and supportive coach can also help you see and leverage strengths that you already have yet you may be underestimating.

Collaborative and Tailored

When we understand what is important to you, we can tailor our help to what you want and be on hand as matters need attention and support.

Success in business is driven by a number of key performance matters and we aim to agree with you where you want and need to focus and prioritize.

Our Executive Coaching Approach

What We Do
Specializing in strategy execution and business advisory, we partner with business leaders as your strategic executive advisor and business coach. We transform organizations through business advisory, CFO advisory, executive facilitation, and strategic planning.

Our Process…Is All about YOU
Through business advisory, we help you focus, clarify, and execute your strategic goals.

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