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Frequently Asked

What Areas Do You Focus on for Strategy?

We collaborate with your existing team on four areas of business operations: (1) financial, (2), internal business processes, (3) customer experience, and (4) learning and growth.

What is Strategic Vertical Alignment?

Successful businesses vertically align business units (i.e., departments, locations) with organization-wide vision and strategy. Creating win-win outcomes.

What is Executive Facilitation?

Interactive discussions and reviews of key areas of business performance

How Do You Assess Performance?

We take a balanced scorecard approach along with strategy pyramids and maps. To help you and your team assess where you are. Prioritizing actionable next steps for continued business success.

What are Executive Peer Groups?

In addition to internal executive team facilitations, we offer opportunities for you to meet and engage with other C-suite professionals through peer group meetings.

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Measuring and Driving Business Performance | contact

Measuring and Driving Business Performance

KPIs and business analytics should be a key component in your business strategy. Individual and team performance should align vertically with your organization-wide goals.

Strategy through the Lens of Holistic and Objective-Based Information | contact

Strategy through the Lens of Holistic and Objective-Based Information

Successful businesses leverage evidenced-based information. They link key performance measures and action to strategy.

Strategy: Gaining Fresh Focus and Direction | contact

Organizational Excellence Event

This session focuses on the organization and leadership of teams. From climate and culture to cross-functional teams to performance metrics, processes, and governance, we take a look at business strategy and execution. Businesses that vertically align achieve their desired outcomes.

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