Strategic Business Advisory – What Is It?

Strategic Business Advisory - What Is It?

Written by John Minnich

John Minnich, MAcct, CPA, CGMA advises businesses and coaches leaders on business performance and strategy. Business advisory national speaker and expert, John engages with business and executive clients on forward-thinking initiatives. Experienced in building effective relations with boards of directors and key stakeholders, John has an extensive background in strategic planning and execution, business administration, governance, and financial management.

The business world is complex and ever-changing. As a business professional, you have endless deadlines. Managing day-to-day operations, you seldom have the opportunity to strategize. You know its value and importance. Vertically aligning business units and performance with your overall mission, values, and vision.

How often has your team said, “We want to grow revenues by X percent.” Yet your balanced scorecard and performance outcomes have yet to reflect. We all want to run a successful and profitable business. The next time you review your financials, consider what those results could be.

Technology continues to shape our profession. Why not leverage? Through a proven and streamlined Complete Advisory Solution (CAS), business advisors help organizations reach their full potential. The focus is on you and your business providing true value add. Business advisors form long-term relations with clients as their MOST trusted business advisor. From facilitated brainstorming sessions to creating a roadmap with actionable steps to being in the board room as you make strategic decisions, business advisors partner with and guide businesses every step of the way.

Have you considered a holistic and complete business approach?

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