Strategy: Gaining Fresh Focus and Direction

Strategy: Gaining Fresh Focus and Direction

Written by John Minnich

John Minnich, MAcct, CPA, CGMA advises businesses and coaches leaders on business performance and strategy. Business advisory national speaker and expert, John engages with business and executive clients on forward-thinking initiatives. Experienced in building effective relations with boards of directors and key stakeholders, John has an extensive background in strategic planning and execution, business administration, governance, and financial management.

Fresh Focus and Feeling in Control
To feel more in control of your own destiny, it is vital to have a clear plan of what you want and how you can achieve this, in a sustainable way. It’s important to take a little time-out, to build a clear strategy and enhance your focus and direction.
Strategic Perspective
You want strategic perspective. You need forward-looking professional guidance. Business advisors engage with clients long-term. They lead facilitative and holistic sessions. Providing true value-add, advisors ought to be in the room when key, strategic decisions are made. Unlike traditional compliance services, advisors coach and mentor clients on forward-looking initiatives. The intent: To be proactive rather than reactive.
Strategic Programs
Through a facilitated, interactive strategic solution approach, business advisors enable this opportunity, in an innovative way.

Looking at what are the most important things to you
Articulating your business objectives
Focusing on growth plans and their financial impact
Prioritizing your next actions

You are then able to focus on the exciting implementation of your plans with fresh inspiration and your business advisor support.
The Benefits to You of Fresh Focus
Recurring strategy sessions are tailored to suit your needs consisting of a series of meetings or a retreat. The strategic service provides you with:

Fresh focus, motivation and inspiration
Buy-in and alignment from owners
Proactive ideas on performance
High-tech interactivity
A copy of each meeting
A chance to experience how business advisors operate without necessarily having to change accountants
A valuable strategic experience leading to enhanced focus on growth and your goals

How a Strategic Service Works
Strategic business advisors look at your ultimate aspirations and aims using an innovative and interactive high-tech approach. They look at key areas of strategy that are most important to you.
Facilitation of your goals and aims.
Review of key strategic drivers and creation of your plan.
Fresh actions and prioritized focus.

Being a business owner involves dedication and no small amount of passion in a challenging and competitive world. It takes perseverance, vision and drive to create a valuable business. Business advisors understand. With all of their clients, they support them in achieving their goals – every step of the way.

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