The Benefits to You of Re-Energizing

The Benefits to You of Re-Energizing

Written by John Minnich

John Minnich, MAcct, CPA, CGMA advises businesses and coaches leaders on business performance and strategy. Business advisory national speaker and expert, John engages with business and executive clients on forward-thinking initiatives. Experienced in building effective relations with boards of directors and key stakeholders, John has an extensive background in strategic planning and execution, business administration, governance, and financial management.

Focus on What’s Important to You

Whether building or leading a successful business, it involves a balance of long-term commitment and strategy while also managing day-to-day operations. It takes time to create or grow a valuable business, together with passion, vision and drive. Business advisors understand this and make it their goal to advise clients both strategically and operationally. Advisors partner alongside business executives and owners to support them in achieving their goals – every step of the way.

Discovery Proposition

Re-energizing sessions enable you to articulate what is important to you and explore where issues and opportunities exist.

The focused goals are to help you prioritize on:

  • Optimizing your differentiated advantages and opportunities
  • Resolving or effectively resourcing challenges

From time to time these challenges or opportunities vary, yet your ultimate aims remain the same for several years.

For most business owners, it’s understandable to get wrapped up on operational matters. Deadlines. Priorities. Through an efficient, streamlined and proven approach, business advisors can help you look at where you are and what opportunities exist to improve profit performance and enhance your focus.

The Benefits to You of Re-Energizing

A business advisor helps you consider proactive ideas and explore your priorities providing you with:

  • Fresh focus and motivation
  • Proactive ideas on performance and key strategic matters
  • High-tech interactivity
  • A copy of the whole session
  • A free hour of concentrated value

Business advisor CPAs are trusted by clients. As your MOST trusted business advisor, you can trust their business and financial acumen as well as confidentiality. All while not having to change accountants.

How a Re-Energizing Session Works

Business advisors look at your ultimate aspirations and aims using an innovative and interactive high-tech approach.

You decide what’s important to you and where to prioritize your focus.


Exploring your goals and success factors.


Prioritization of issues and opportunities.


Planning where to focus your next step actions.

It’s a challenging and competitive modern world, where only the best succeed and building a successful business is very often a long-term commitment. Business advisors understand what is important to you, tailoring help to what you want and on hand as matters need attention and support.

Success in business is driven by a number of key performance matters. Business advisors aim to agree with you where you want and need to focus and prioritize. From time to time these challenges or opportunities vary, yet business advisors are always there as your strategic business advisor and in for the long-haul encouraging and inspiring success.

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